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The Massachusetts Republic is conceiving and co-creating a new cultural paradigm, The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible, based on an understanding of the problems of our existing culture and a vision of a new cultural paradigm based on the ideals of Freedom (in the domain of Culture), Equality/Justice (in the domain of Governance), and Cooperation/Collaboration (in the domain of Economics), addressed below.


The Problems of Our Existing Culture


1. Our current cultural paradigm distorts the three ideals of:

    - Freedom in the domain of Culture

    - Equality/Justice in the domain of Governance

    - Cooperation/Collaboration in the domain of Economics

    as follows:


Culture –

- Our culture is unduly influenced by special interests, government influences, and whatever is profitable.


   - Scientific research and discovery is often curbed and thwarted if it in any way presents a challenge to the big pharma military industrial

     complex and its ability to generate profits. (Examples: Alternative health solutions challenge the medical establishment and big pharma; alternative and

      free energy solutions challenge the fossil fuel industry; peaceful conflict resolution solutions challenge the military establishment).

   - Mainstream media is controlled by a multi billion-dollar franchise.

   - Our public education institutions are subject to conformity and controls thus limiting the creative impulse and imaginative expression of our

      teachers and youth.

- The existing debt based monetary system controls us; it distorts and thwarts our human nature by compelling us to work to generate

   money as the priority instead of to necessarily meet the needs of our society and thereby fulfill our transcendent purpose.


- The private banking system renders we the people debt and wage slaves through usury.


Governance – 

Instead of a government of, by, and for we the people, our government is a corporatocracy, bought and controlled by multi-national corporations. Whoever has the money rules us.


Economics – 

Our economic system is based on competition and the profit motive.


- The existing debt based monetary system results in economic inequality and the concentration of wealth, unsustainable growth and

  consumption, and environmental destruction.


- A deceptive, corrupt, and usurious private banking system serves to benefit bank shareholders, usurps the public prerogative of

  issuing the money, and renders "we the people" debt and wage slaves.

  Informational Resources: https://www.justabundance.org and http://www.credittothepeople.org


2. The extent to which we as individuals and communities are unconscious and fragmented affects the extent to which our culture is unconscious and fragmented, as summarized above. The extent to which we as individuals and communities are conscious and integrated affects the extent to which our culture is conscious and integrated. As within, so without. 

A Vision of a New Culture, a New Paradigm

The Massachusetts Republic is co-creating a new cultural paradigm based on the following ideals:

1. Threefold Social Order

2. Individual and Collective Integration


1. Threefold Social Order


Based on Rudolf Steiner's threefold social order, we are aligning the three ideals in the three domains as follows: 

A. Freedom - Culture 
B. Equality/Justice - Legal/Governance 
C. Cooperation/Collaboration - Economics 

A. Freedom - Culture


Our culture needs to be FREE. The following is what we mean by "free": 


- By free, we mean we are taught by teachers who value us as individuals and want each of us to discover who we are and what we

   want to do with our lives.

- By free, we mean the freedom to pursue what inspires us, what we are naturally good at, and what we would find ourselves doing

   anyway if we were truly free, free from the demands of having to “earn” a living to pay for our basic needs for survival.

- By free, we mean a society that honors and supports our efforts to achieve personal fulfillment and self-actualization.


- By free, we mean a society that acknowledges the value of personal fulfillment to the community at large, and will find value in, and

   compensate us for, our efforts.


The Massachusetts Republic aims to co-create a culture that is based on freedom of expression, creativity, self-actualization, and personal fulfillment - all supported and funded by the community based on its collective judgement.


The domain of Culture consists of the realms:
- Science (the seeking of truth)
- Art (the creation of beauty)
- Education/Spirituality (the values and ideals of goodness out of which we live).

B. Equality/Justice - Governance

Our Governance needs to be JUST.

We assure Equality and Justice through a dynamic self-governance tool, process, and practice known as Sociocracy.

See https://www.sociocracy.info/what-is-sociocracy/ and https://www.Sociocracyforall.org.  


Governance encompasses the Legislative (Funding), Executive (Implementation), and Judicial (Justice) functions.  


C. Cooperation/Collaboration - Economics

Our Economy needs to be COLLABORATIVE.


We cooperatively satisfy our material needs by utilizing a community based and shared ownership of the means of production, namely a mutual credit system known as Common Good. See https://commongood.earth/


Economics encompasses Production (Nature), Distribution (Infrastructure), and Consumption (Needs).



Interestingly, the famous cry of the French Revolution: liberté, egalité, fraternité was a symptom of humanity’s unconscious longing for a threefold social organism later conceived by the famous philosopher and social reformer Rudolf Steiner.

(See http://www.rudolfsteinerweb.com/Threefold_Social_Order.php)

2.​ Individual and Collective Integration 

Ideally, individuals and community members know how to integrate themselves. For additional information on this important ideal, go to Integration