Purpose, Vision, and Mission


The Massachusetts Republic has conceived the following dream, stated in its purpose, vision, and mission as follows:


Purpose: The purpose of The Massachusetts Republic is to create The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible; a peaceful, healthy, just, sustainable/regenerative, and thriving world. 


Vision: The Massachusetts Republic envisions integrated individuals within integrated communities in the form of Common Good Communities or Jeffersonian Ward Republics:

- providing and performing the functions of governance to and for one another; governance of, by, and for the people;

- deciding together, through dynamic governance, what would be good and of value for the community; and

- issuing money, through a community-supported credit system known as Common Good, to fund it.

As individuals, we receive the money we need to live as our right to the equitable distribution of the wealth we all create together. And we have a right to the capital our capacities warrant so that we may:

- pursue our transcendent purpose 

- bring our service and contribution to expression

- make a meaningful difference in our communities and the world

- create the conditions in which we want to live; The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible; a peaceful, healthy, just, sustainable/regenerative, and thriving world.


Mission: The Massachusetts Republic's mission is to:


  1. Actualize the ideals of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and COMMUNITY by:

      - Implementing the “Threefold Social Order” so as to properly align the three ideals of Freedom, Justice, and               

        Cooperation/Collaboration with the three domains of Culture, Governance, and Economics. We do so by:

         - Establishing Common Good Communities or Jeffersonian Ward Republics in which: 

            - the people in communities or wards know one another and personally provide and perform the functions of

              governance to and for one another; governance of, by, and for the people;

            - the people decide together what would be good and of value for the community and issue money to fund it.

         - Using the social technologies of dynamic governance known as Sociocracy, non-violent communication and

            restorative justice, and a community created credit system known as Common Good, and thereby reliably                            establish healthy social structures and pathways for creating together The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is


       Ultimately, our sense of justice, which arises from our common humanity, will determine what would best serve our           communities.


   2. Foster Individual and Collective Integration, which involves understanding The Gap, practicing The Golden Rule,

       practicing Communication Protocols such as “non-violent communication” and “dynamic governance”, and engaging

       other general practices that foster "right relations", "right livelihood", integration, and harmony.


The following pages: Threefolding and Integration elaborate on the above, providing more detailed information for further review and exploration, including an understanding of the problems of our existing culture as well as a vision of a new culture, a new paradigm, based on the ideals further addressed on these pages.

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