Invite to Seminar Introduction

Dear Participants in the effort to create a Union of We, the People at large;


We would like to invite you to participate in a dynamic, interactive seminar – Creating Self-Governing Communities – as we venture to become the society we know in our hearts is possible. 


An Introduction to the Creating Self-Governing Communities Seminar will be on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 7 pm est on Zoom.


During that meeting, we will introduce ourselves, state the purpose of the seminar, address the proposed curriculum, and answer any questions you may have. 


This is an informational meeting and no commitment to attend the seminar will be necessary. 


If you are interested in attending this introductory meeting to learn more about Creating Self-Governing Communities, please call John G. Root, Jr. at 413-329-3200 or email Margaret at with a brief reply that includes your name, e-mail address, and phone number so as to receive the introductory meeting details.


Please reply by January 9, 2022 for the Seminar Introduction.



The actual Seminar will begin on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 7 pm est when we will collaborate on a schedule that works for everyone who desires to participate. 


Details of the Creating Self-Governing Communities Seminar are at, where you could learn more and sign up (no later than January 14, 2022)! 


Some of the ideas we will explore are:

  • Our Vision of the world we know in our hearts is possible

  • The Revendication of the promise of the Declaration of Independence

  • The History

  • The Law

  • The Monetary System

  • The Justice System

  • Navigating the current DeFacto (in fact, or in effect, whether by right or not)

  • DeJure (by right) Consent-based Self-Governance

  • Jural Assembly based on the Common Law of the Land

  • Consciousness, Connection, Clarification, Community, Collaboration, and Co-creation in these evolutionary times


Feel free to pass this on to others you believe may be interested in this seminar.

We look forward to collaborating together!

- The Union Team

I would like to join the introductory meeting on Zoom.  Please email or call me with the details.

Thanks for submitting!