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Our strategies are both ideas and practical initiatives. 

  1. We are creating a new society based on “We, the People” meaning all the people. 

  2. We have formulated a Declaration of Interdependence, rather than Independence, because if we the people are to be sovereign, it will be a result of our ability to be interdependent. Further, this document reflects our grievances of and solutions for our society in the 21st century.

  3. We are using Jefferson's idea of the Ward Republic in order to create a context for the practical initiatives of Sociocracy (consent-based self-governance) for All and the Common Good Payment System.

  4. We are using Rudolf Steiner's ideas for a Threefold Social Order to create a context in which we are able to understand ourselves as social beings through the ideals of freedom, equality, and collaboration.

  5. We support each other in becoming increasingly honorable and integrated members of our Wards so that the communities we are establishing will have the understanding, protocols, and practices necessary for successful self-governance in a Republic.

  6. We are participating in the united states of America Republick.

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