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The Spirit of America is the popular motto of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the motto of the Massachusetts Republic might be Restoring the Spirit of America.

The Massachusetts Republic aims to make real the promise of the Declaration of Independence and the Continental Congress by building a Republic in which the people decide together how to create and maintain the conditions in which they live. 

What would be good? What would benefit everyone?  What should we issue money to accomplish?

As the Continental Congress modeled, we are interested in a perpetual union with the other sovereign nation states of North America, including the Native American tribes, but based on the golden rule, not corporate rule.

We, the People, means all the people!

Introductory Videos are available in the Gallery

What has happened to the spirit in which the United States was founded? 

How have we so completely lost sight of the ideals of the republic in which Massachusetts played such an important part?  Are we a republic with limited powers and very strong individual rights?  Does the government secure our rights or violate them?  Are we a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, or have we allowed the government to become a duopoly controlled by an oligarchy of obscenely wealthy tyrants?  Are we debt and wage slaves unwittingly serving a hidden sovereign more despotic than the King of England ever was?

The answer to these questions is pursued in detail in numerous other websites, a selection of which are available under the EDUCATION tab above.  Suffice it to say, the republic acknowledges only Natural Law or the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, also expressed as:  Do no harm.  The Republican form of Government is based on Common Law.  Common Law is based on common sense that arises from a healthy sense of justice as determined by a jury with the power to determine both the facts and the justice of the law.

There are other law forms, such as treaty law, which are agreements between sovereigns, and there are maxims of law, which are common sense maxims with which everyone can agree. The law that a republican form of government does not recognize and actively opposes is commercial law or the Uniform Commercial Code because it is based not necessarily on common sense but on the actual wording in the contract, which in the case of banking is in direct violation of common sense and many maxims of law. 

The Massachusetts Republic is dedicated to creating a true Republic, one in which the people are fully responsible for creating the conditions in which they live.  A Republic is not a government in the sense with which we are familiar. Rather, the people in a republic seek to empower each other to become true citizens and create the cultural, social, and economic conditions in which they all enjoy Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 


You could say that in the Republic we are creating, no one is in charge because everyone is in charge.  What are the responsibilities of the citizens if not to feel responsible for doing that which they are particularly able to do that would benefit the community as a whole?

The social technology that the Massachusetts Republic is implementing in order to manifest 'everyone is in charge' as a form of governance is both old and venerable, going back to the Magna Carta, such as the Jural Assembly, the Grand Jury, and the petite jury; and new and empowering, such as Sociocracy. The Massachusetts Republic is organizing itself sociocratically and using Community-Created Credit, a Common Good Payment System, to fund what it agrees, in a sociocratic process, would be good.

Join us and help us build the new model that renders the existing model obsolete. For information on learning more, how to be involved, and how to join us, go here.